In the pilot phase of the I-SMART project, teachers will participate by administering the assigned testlets to one or more eligible students and completing a survey after administering the assessment. The I-SMART project includes primary and secondary student populations. The primary population consists of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities who are eligible to take the DLM alternate assessment in their state. The secondary population of students perform significantly below grade level in science but do not qualify to take the alternate assessment in their state. The secondary population may include students with or without disabilities. Data collected during the pilot phase of the project will be used to: (1) evaluate the new testlets, (2) inform selection of a scoring model, and (3) evaluate teachers’ perceptions of students’ experiences with the assessment.

The teacher/district resources will be links to documents and videos. Some examples are District and Teacher Recruitment Flyers, Pilot Test Instructions, I-SMART Test Administration Manual, I-SMART Instructional Manual, and I-SMART Group 1 Training and I-SMART Group 2 Training videos.