Welcome to the I-SMART Pilot page! The resources below will help you get started.  

Quick Steps for Educators

Preparing for the pilot:

  1. Feel free to let us know your interest by completing a quick sign-up survey. (This step is optional.)
  2. Check with your data manager to ensure that DLM students have been entered into Kite Educator Portal (EP) and that they are rostered to science. 
  3. Read the I-SMART User Guide.
  4. Customize and send the parent notification letter.
  5. Complete the First Contact survey and activate any necessary accessibility features in each student's Personal Needs and Preferences Profile in EP.
  6. Ensure that Kite Student Portal has been installed on testing devices and is working properly. 

During the pilot testing window:

  1. Retrieve the I-SMART Testlet Information Page for each student in Educator Portal. (You can access I-SMART from the Assessment Program dropdown in Educator Portal.) Review this in preparation for testing, ensuring that all necessary materials are available.
  2. Administer the I-SMART testlets in Student Portal. Be sure to answer the two questions at the end of each student's second testlet.
  3. After a student is finished testing, complete the teacher survey in Student Portal.

Resources for Educators

I-SMART User Guide (pdf)
The Pilot User Guide is written for educators of students participating in the I-SMART pilot. Most educators have experience administering Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) alternate assessments. The I-SMART pilot is similar, so this guide refers to the DLM website often. An appendix is provided for participating educators who have not administered DLM assessments. 

Parent Notification Letter (docx)
The I-SMART pilot is completely optional. Participating educators are invited to edit this letter and send it to parents and/or guardians who have in their class. 

Teacher Information Letter (pdf)
This letter describes the purpose of the I-SMART Pilot and the benefits of participation. 

I-SMART Pilot Flyer (pdf)
This flyer gives an overview of the I-SMART Pilot. Please note that Maryland and New Jersey will have slightly different data deadlines. 

This video demonstrates how to get started in Educator Portal for educators working with students in Group 2.